More and more of us are finding it important to know where our food is coming from. We want healthy, organic food that is fresh, chemical-free, and locally-sourced. These are our clients and we love them for it. Hiring a sustainable caterer allows them to eat well and support local agriculture. And since many of our clients are visiting the area, it allows them to experience local food. Western North Carolina has a lot to offer – fresh trout, grass-fed beef, incredible goat cheese, organic fruits and veggies – and if someone is visiting the area for its beauty, they should experience the area's beautiful food as well.

One downside of catering an event for a large number of people is that it has the potential of creating an enormous amount of waste. From paper products to leftover food and decorations, the last thing we want is to fill up garbage bags at the end of the day. At Wild Indigo, we minimize that by using all biodegradable and compostable wares for casual events and for more formal occasions we use real china, silver, and glassware. Leftover food is donated to local charities or composted and we use locally-grown flowers and foliage as decorations (much of it from our own garden) that can also be composted after the event. We reduce a potentially huge carbon footprint by sourcing our food as locally as possible, cooking seasonally, and only working events that are in our county.

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