Wild Indigo Catering is a locally owned and operated company that specializes in local, seasonal and organic foods.

Anne Somich, owner and chef, has been cooking and catering for the last fifteen years from California to North Carolina. She has a deep passion for cooking and baking healthy and creative foods, and she loves sharing it for others to enjoy.

Along with her husband, Mike, they grow a modest garden that gets bigger with every season. They follow organic standards, free of pesticides and chemicals, to ensure only quality foods. Each year they plant it full of herbs, edible and ornamental flowers, greens, and many delicious vegetables. They have a small flock of chickens that provide eggs and help to produce the compost that feeds the garden. This all supplements ingredients for the catering business and what they cannot grow they source locally and organically. Wild Indigo is a huge supporter of using locally grown and produced foods, from trout and grass-fed beef to pork and goat cheese. Anne incorporates her belief in organic, seasonal food and the importace of sustainability into everything Wild Indigo offers.

Since 2007, Wild Indigo has catered private dinner parties, family reunions, large parties, corporate events, and special occasions. (We do not cater weddings.) We also sell breakfast burritos and biscuit sandwiches, baked goods, homemade teas, locally roasted fair trade coffee, granola and more at the Transylvania County Tailgate market on Saturday mornings.

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